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| February, 17 2024 | for David A. Myers, MD

I’m a 17 yr cancer survivor and from time to time, I will find myself out of town or attending a holiday celebration or just a Sat night,( all very impractical times to find medical treatment) I’ll discover my lymphadema has returned starting with feeling flu symptoms, etc. My arm gets full of fluid and immediately it goes into cellulitis covering my whole arm and then quickly the cellulitis jumps over to my chest area very quickly. I’ve spent many a time in the ER and been admitted for iv’s to control. Now, I’m hyper aware of the symptoms and I can reliably call Dr Myers anytime. I even woke him up on Sat morning at 8:00 one morning 😖as it developed late that night before and spread quicker than ever all over my arm , back and chest into cellulitis. It can go into sepsis if not attended too quickly. He immediately calls in a prescription wherever I am and my husband goes to get the prescription and I’m “on it” within an hour! It keeps me out of the hospital and now he even gives me a prescription ahead of time to keep with me if I’m going to be traveling! It is such a relief and a great blessing to know I can always count on Dr Myers being so responsive and attentive and being there quickly as the condition requires, especially at very inconvenient times for him.,I appreciate him so much! Thank you Dr Myers!!!!