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| March, 14 2024 | for AJ Ronan, DO

While at my family Dentist having a crown replaced, my face became much more numb than usual. After calling my dentist the next day, I advised them the numbness was still in my face and had not dissipated. I returned to the dentist, and she did not seem concerned after looking at me. On day three, with the numbness still in my face I once again returned to the dentist and again did not seem to be concerned. I left and immediately called my Doctor (Ronan) and was able to see him about an hour later. Obviously much more concerned, and after a thorough exam, started me on a medication, and then set up two tests for an ultrasound and cat scan. Fortunately, the tests were fine and after a few days on the medication, the numbness went away, and things returned to normal. I was very pleased that my doctor took such an active and aggressive approach to my problem and treated me accordingly. Thanks Doctor Arthur Ronan!