Dr and Friend

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| February, 17 2024 | for Todd A. Peavy, MD

I am 63 and I have been seeing Dr Todd Peavy for over 30 years at least. He is the Best to me. He has done so much for me and now with MDVIP, he gets to do more because he is not rushed. I used to walk out and say oh I forgot to ask him about this. Well not the case any longer, he has more time to spend with me and I don’t forget something I wanted to ask. When I was called about him going to MDVIP, and all they would do and how you could call him if you were on vacation and he could find you a Dr., there was no question with the extra money and all it was well with it to me. He’s not only a Dr. to me but a friend. I would accidentally call him on his cellphone (we all know what that’s called) and he would call me back. He is a very knowledgeable Dr. he just couldn’t tell you sometimes everything he wanted because he had a waiting room full of patients. Now when I go he has time for anything I need to talk about. I don’t feel rushed so I don’t forget everything I wanted to ask. He is a very knowledgeable Dr. and you might not have thought that because of time. He answers all my questions and knows just what to say or what needs to be done. I wouldn’t change Dr.s for anything. HE IS THE BEST and so is his staff.