Dr. Ann Collins

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| March, 13 2024 | for Ann C. Collins, MD

Dr. Ann, as we have come to call her, has been our GP for the past fifteen years. We followed her into her MDVIP practice. A strength of her practice is her ability to listen and truly understand her patients' aches, pains, and concerns. She pays attention to details and responds with true empathy and excellent diagnostic insight. She does not pull out a prescription pad immediately, but explores causes and alternative treatments.

She has shepherded us through annual exams, referrals, vaccines, and diagnosis of more serious ailments. My husband was diagnosed eight years ago with Parkinson's Disease. Dr. Ann is in tune with what that means for him. She supports the work of his neurologists by helping us follow a compatible diet. Her inhouse cooking classes and e-mails have helped us pursue a healthier diet. She encourages exercise as a therapy for Parkinson and yoga and meditation for me, the caregiver. She has recommended quite a few books and research papers related to our discussions.

Dr. Ann exudes warmth and caring. I got an early Saturday morning call the day after I ended up in the ER with a fractured knee. She is there for her patients outside of office hours.

We feel so fortunate to be able to entrust our health care to Dr. Ann Collins.