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| February, 10 2024 | for Robert S. Ansara, MD

Dr Ansara has been my primary care physician for many years, last year I joined the MDVIP program. I have a personal thing that I would like to share with Dr Ansara. I went for a visit with Dr Ansara and during my visit, the doctor was asking me many questions regarding my health. I answered the questions the best that I could and by the doctor asking me so many questions, he made me feel very comfortable that I started opening up about some of my issues. I told the doctor, at times, when I am in the shower washing my hair, I sometimes get dizzy. The doctor immediately told me he wanted me to take an Ultrasound of my Carotid Artery. I scheduled my appointment and after the test was done, I was walking out to the parking lot to get my car to go home, my cell phone rang and it was Dr Ansara, telling me that the left side showed signs that I needed to go for a CT scan. I did the scan and it showed I had 90% blockage in the left Carotid Artery. A few days later I was being operated on and the very next day, the doctor called me while I was in Holy Cross Hospital. Telling me he read the results, and all went well with the surgery. Had Dr Ansara not told me to go for that Ultrasound, I probably wouldn't be able to write this note of gratitude. Thanks to Dr Ansara, I am living a healthy life and enjoying every day.