Dr Anthony DeLorenzo-his relationship with patient Linda Majka

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| April, 2 2024 | for Anthony W. DeLorenzo, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Anthony DeLorenzo since 2113 long before he became a MDVIP doctor.
I was suffering from an extreme exposure from black toxic mold. One of the many doctors I was seeing was a Hinsdale pulmonologist and his nurse practitioner referred me to Dr. DeLorenzo.
I was also seeing an internist whose specialty was treating people with a 10 stage program to get all the neurotoxins removed from my body,
Dr. DeLorenzo worked with this doctor to get me through this 5 year journey with my health returning completely.
I tell you this beginning synopsis to let you know of Dr DeLorenzo’s commitment to me and my health returning
He and his wife Regina and his nurses became family to me. I became well.
He is the best doctor I have ever known