Dr. Anthony Ragusa and staff

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| September, 22 2022 | for Anthony Ragusa, MD, FACP

Just would like to give kudos to Ann Tremblay, Dr, Ragusa's nurse and right-hand lady. I can't say enough about the support and care I receive at Dr. Ragusa's and particularly from Ann. It's been a rough couple of years what with Covid, I didn't get it, and taking care of my 97 year old father who passed in November,2021. Ann is totally tuned in and connected with her patients and I'm incredibly impressed with her ability to remember issues and details that have been discussed in the past. As we have seen so much indifference from our service industries as of late, and that does include medical services, working with Ann has saved my sanity and more. Ann is kind, intelligent, and exhibits strength in her patient care. I trust her answers, opinions, treatment procedures and I come away feeling I've received the best in medical care. I hope and pray for her longevity in her vocation that is also her avocation.