Dr. Barreto and her entire staff are incredible health care professionals.

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| February, 14 2020 | for Angelique Barreto, MD, MSc
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Dr. Barreto and her entire staff are incredible health care professionals. I have never had this stellar of care in my entire life. I only wish I had found her before my cancer diagnosis or even during the treatment portion of this journey but regardless, she is now helping me with the resultant issues from the cancer and chemotherapy damage. I highly recommend Dr. Barreto for your health care needs. If you truly want a partner in living a life of quality versus just existing, she will work with you to achieve your goal(s). She is competent, up to date, and LISTENS to you which is truly a breath of fresh air. A heart felt thank you to Dr. Barreto, nurse Judy, and the entire staff!! And if you are just needing a primary care physician with no major health issues, then she's your doctor too because she will work hard to prevent problems that attack you as you grow older. As she will tell you, prevention is key to avoid life threatening issues and/or crippling issues that will creep up on you as you age. This is a stellar group of professionals and well worth your time to explore the possibilities. HUGE thanks and appreciation to Dr. Barreto, nurse Judy, and staff. I am the blonde in the picture I uploaded and my best friend and I were in Ireland, my #1 bucket list item. I took my best friend as a thank you for caring for me during cancer. This trip wouldn't have been possible without the incredible health care of Dr. Barreto.