Dr. Beagin treats me like I am her only patient.

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| February, 12 2024 | for Erinn E. Beagin, MD

I simply love Dr. Beagin‘s care. Regardless of whether I’m on her schedule or not, I can always get a question answered within a few hours. During our regular appointments, she takes the time to clearly explain everything to me. Her bedside matter is amazing.

But the story that stands out was when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease by a local neurologist. This neurologist is technically competent, but really poor at making the patient feel comfortable with the diagnosis. When Dr. Beagin learned of this diagnosis, she called my phone and spent at least 30 minutes with my wife and myself, talking through the diagnosis and the implications. I don’t know how else I would’ve gotten comfortable with my diagnosis.

I have 100% trust in her assessment of my health and associated recommendations. I hope I never have to switch physicians, but if I did, I’ll be deeply disappointed. Dr. Beagin is simply the best.