Dr. Beato is the very best!

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| February, 12 2024 | for Greg Beato, DO, CAQ, FACOI

Dr. Beato is one of the most caring, personable and easy to confide in doctors ever! He is the way doctors used to treat their patients back when I was a kid and as a younger adult. He truly cares about his patients and wants the best for them. He has always taken the time needed to treat his patients and i have never felt rushed or unheard. He is also honest and forthright in his comments and "suggestions". I prefer a doctor who will give it to me straight and he does just that for me! When my mother was still living and also his patient, he would be so patient with her, while also listening to my version of what was going on.....never betraying that trust with her, or "throwing me under the bus"! Dr. Beato truly cares for the community -- working with VT sports teams in addition to his busy practice. He treats his staff with respect and caring.....something not all doctors take the time to do. Family is always a high priority, too. Simply put, Greg Beato is an outstanding, caring human being....he believes and lives his values every day. I am so fortunate to be able to call him my doctor! Thank you Dr. B. for being who you are and giving all you give to us!