Dr. Blount goes above and beyond his call of Duty!

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| March, 10 2020 | for Calvin L. Blount Jr., MD
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I have been a patient of Dr. Calvin Blount for greater than 10 years now and am thankful for the privilege to be. I moved out of state for several years and upon moving back to North West, Florida, went back to his care immediately. Doctor Blount provides the upper echelon of healthcare to all of his patients this not soley my opinion, but is the general consensus in this area. Once you have been in his care it's impossible to go anywhere else. When he became a member of MD VIP I left his practice due to the new fees involved. However,after a year with another physician I eargly returned to his office. I decided to return because of who he is as a man, the kind of physician he is, and the type of personal care that I have received for years. I now have a present point of reference and was able to make a will informed decision and again that was to return. The fees that I have to pay yearly are no longer a deciding factor regarding my health and the care that I receive. Most of the services that are outlined in your brochure are second nature to his office, this is the level of healthcare that he has provided for years. This is an exceptional practice and Kudos to you guys for having them as part of your network. They are not usual and customary by any means. With all of that being said I recommend Dr. CALVIN BLOUNT AND HIS OUTSTANDING SUPPORT STAFF to anyone in the Destin or surrounding areas. The fact that they truly care about their patients is evident in all that they do. We are family and I love you Dr. Blount and staff in Jesus name, Amen.