Dr Boehme - I Could Not Ask For A Better PCP

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| February, 12 2024 | for Elizabeth Y. Boehme, MD

Dr Boehme is the best PCP I have ever had. I can tell that she really cares about me and her other patients. She is always responsive and is always there for me. She knows me and my health issues, and also how my health and the rest of my life interrelate. She is very well connected within the medical community in Houston, and refers me to excellent specialists so that I can get the care I need to address specific issues I have. She LISTENS! I feel that we work together and make decisions about my health together as a team. She is very organized and keeps track of my medical history so that I know when I had which vaccine, which X-ray, which illness, which treatment, etc. She is always cheerful when I see her, and puts a positive spin on everything - which always makes me feel optimistic. During my annual physical, Dr Boehme is very thorough and addresses each health area to make sure I am up to date on all my required annual check-ups. As a testament to Dr Boehme’s excellence as a PCP, 4 of my friends see her as well. We rely on her and we know we can count on her. Every time she helps me stands out to me as a special event, and there have been so many times over the years. Some recent examples (within the last six months) are: (1) Dr Boehme sent me to physical therapy so I could walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain last year (one of my most memorable trips ever); (2) Dr Boehme is helping me address the recent issues with my bloodwork in a conservative manner; and (3) Dr Boehme was available to consult with shortly after I passed yet another kidney stone (on Thanksgiving Day!). I never worry any more about who to contact when a health issue arises, because I know that if Dr Boehme cannot address the issue herself, she will refer me to someone exceptional who can. Thank you, Dr Boehme, for all that you do for me throughout the year every year. I am certain you do this for all your patients. You are a remarkable doctor!