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Debora and John
| February, 23 2024 | for Michael R. Book, MD
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Upon moving to SC, we were most concerned about how we were going to make sure we were going know what medical services to use. We had had wonderful healthcare services in the Northeast. We looked into the health care systems in the Charleston area, and we inquired of friends about the doctors they now used and liked. Over and over, we heard just amazing praises about Dr. Michael Book. We were so fortunate to be accepted into Dr Book’s concierge medical practice after being on a one year waiting list.
My husband’s family had a significant history of heart disease. In 2016, following performing a thorough annual health exam, Dr. Book urged my husband to see Dr. Pamela Morris, a cardiologist specializing in the management of preventative heart disease and lipid abnormalities. They conferred on his labs, exams, and insignificant stress test results. He was maybe a little tired at times, and he was a Type II diabetic. Dr. Morris encouraged my husband to have a heart catherization to rule out any possible heart concerns. His heart cath showed significant blockages of 2 coronary arteries which required OHS. Within 2 weeks, my husband had OHS with 2 bypasses to correct his heart problem. Dr. Book closely followed my husband’s hospital progress, and he closely managed his recuperation over the next couple months.
Years later, my husband experienced a serious infection. Following treatment in the emergency room, he developed angioedema and metabolic abnormalities. Dr. Book responded to these problems as they arose, and worked diligently by making needed medication changes, adding meds for the pH problem, and closely monitoring his labs. For weeks and weeks, Dr. Book ran weekly labs and exams to ensure his complete recovery.
Dr. Book takes the health of his patient’s health seriously. Upon he and his nurse reading in summary visit notes from a recent downtown medical appointment of mine that my blood pressure was elevated, he and his nurse closely monitored my blood pressure and saw to it that needed medications were used to correct it.
Dr. Book is most invaluable. He is attentive, caring and accessible to his patients 24/7. He is a wealth of needed health information, and he has a strong network of specialists in the Charleston area which he uses for his referrals. His staff is caring, efficient, and very professional. Dr. Book’s medical service has been a God send! He has helped to provide oversight and management of our overall health for the past 7 ½ years. As a result, we feel most fortunate and comfortable to be under the care of Dr Michael Book. We honestly feel we could not do better.

Deb and John Rowland