Dr. Bucy

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| February, 20 2024 | for William W. Bucy, MD

Happy Doctors Day! Dr. William Bucy was my family physician prior to joining MD VIP. He treated both of my parents as well as both of my grandmothers, one who lived until the wonderful age of 105+. Even as Grandma transitioned into hospice care she would want to go “see Dr Bucy”. She just knew he would make her feel better. He has always been a kind man and caring physician. I know he is always keeping my health a top priority. Also keeping in mind my family history. Fortunately for me, I do not see him often, however on the occasions I do, he always listens to my concerns and has a plan of care to put in action. His staff is also very friendly and welcoming and goes above and beyond to help his patients. Thank you to Dr. Bucy, Patty and Mary!