Dr Charles Metzger Jr is THE BEST

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Bonnie W
| March, 9 2024 | for Charles E. Metzger Jr., MD

I moved to Florida full time in 2013. My son Craig used Dr Metzger as his primary physician so we did as well. About two years later I woke up on a Sunday horribly ill. I had pains in my stomach. I was nauseous and throwing up. I was very weak. My husband took me to a nearby walk in clinic affiliated with Boca Raton Regional Hospital. I was examined and told that I had a twisted intestine. It was necessary for me to immediately go to Boca Hospital. On the way over ( this was early on a Sunday morning). I called Dr Metzger on his cell. He immediately picked up and I informed him what was going on. After I was admitted to hospital and being evaluated for treatment which might have included emergency surgery Dr Metzger was in touch. It turned out that I needed Hernia surgery. Dr Metzger came up each AM to check that my regular meds were being given to me. He checked my chart etc. I saw him each morning of my hospital stay. It was immensely reassuring. I felt so secure knowing Dr Metzger was checking on treatment during my hospital stay. I will never forget it. Dr Metzger has been my primary physician for 11 years now. He is always a phone call or an email away. Folks say “Why have a MDVIP
doctor. So much money!!” I cannot even count all the reasons why this is the best decision my husband and I made for our medical care.