Dr Collin Cullen - far, far more than a doctor in true times of our need

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| March, 18 2024 | for Collin D. Cullen, MD

Dr Collin Cullen was our true friend in need and advisor when we were away, and his patient suffered a spine surgery setback fighting a MRSA infection. She was hospitalized several times and finally had to undergo antibiotic IV infusion over a nine week period from mid-November through mid-January. During that entire time we were away, including the holidays, Dr. Collin Cullen kept in touch with the Hospitalist and Infection Disease Doctor to track progress. By telephone, by telephone he gave us ongoing support indicating the good progress she was making; and that he was always there if we needed to talk. Needless to say these calls boosted our morale and got us through that troubled time. We will be forever grateful for his support. -- from two of his very thankful patients!!