Dr Cruz saved my life!

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| March, 19 2024 | for René F. Cruz, MD

I am an MD who, very fortunately, has been seeing Dr Cruz for a number of years. I flew down from North Carolina last year for my annual evaluation and was feeling fine. But during my exam, DR Cruz noted my BP was up and, based on his calculation of my cardiac risk, advised me to get a "calcium score test" when I got back home. Despite no symptoms of coronary disease or anything else, my calcium score turned out to be elevated. He then called me right away and told me to monitor my BP regularly to ensure it stayed under control. He also advised me to start aspirin daily and double my dose of rosuvastatin in order to lower it to the new cholesterol guidelines--which it now is. Because of Dr Cruz's acumen and clinical insight, my care has been optimzed and I feel that Dr Cruz has literally saved my life! For that I will forever be in his debt.