Dr David Hobbs St Petersburg Fla

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| February, 10 2024 | for David J. Hobbs, MD

Dr Dave has been the primary care doctor for me and my wife Sally for many years and we could not possibly ask for a better doctor
Sally has been going through her third battle with cancer and radiation has caused numerous problems and having a doctor like Dave who we can reach at any time has been a blessing for us. He is always available and ready to help with whatever we may need at any time.
In addition he is a great guy and a friend to us which is also very important and all specialists he has referred us to are also great doctors which again is critical to us. We believe having a good relationship with your doctor is very important especially in times of need.
We want to thank Dr David Hobbs for being such a good and caring doctor for both me and my wife
Thank you Dave, David (Van) Williams