Dr. Donald Watren

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| April, 5 2024 | for Donald R. Watren, MD

To All of MDVIP, I have had the good fortune to be a patient of Dr. Donald Watren for over thirty years, even before he joined MDVIP. Dr. Watren is consistently professional, knowledgeable, caring, patient and effective as a Primary Care Giver. When he decided to join MDVIP, we did not hesitate to stay with him. The care he and his staff show is exemplary. During my annual wellness exam, Dr. Watren takes extra time to examine, explain and offer suggestions as to how to be proactive in health and wellness matters. During my time with him, I have had numerous times of needing a specialist, most importantly when I needed a neck fusion surgery and at another time when I sustained a traumatic brain injury. Since Dr. Watren is well established and respected in the South Florida Medical Community, he knew and recommended the most competent surgeons and neurologists in the area to deal with my health issues. I am forever grateful that Dr. Watren and his staff are in my life.