Dr. Ellis is the most wonderful doctor!

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Mary Jo
| March, 5 2018 | for Robert E. Ellis, MD

Dr. Ellis is the most wonderful doctor! Dr. Ellis knowledge, experience, and expertise is exceptional. He is accessible, thorough, responsive as well as thoughtful and kind.
I have a high stress job and travel weekly for business. Many times, I am in another state or location when a situation or issue presents. When I have issues, Dr. Ellis responds immediately and provides guidance, treatment, and support.
Recently, one of my coworkers was visiting Louisville from Colorado. He was very sick with a troublesome cough. Me and my team members were very concerned. My coworker is an MD VIP patient in Colorado. I reached out to Dr. Ellis to see if he could see my coworker. Within the same day, Dr. Ellis contacted my coworkers doctor, receive the records, saw my coworker and provided a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
I am very thankful Dr. Ellis is my doctor and healthcare partner.