Dr. Evan Shapiro: an excellent choice for a Concierge Physician

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| February, 11 2024 | for Evan R. Shapiro, MD

Dr. Evan Shapiro and his staff are always prepared. First of all, the reminders of the appointment time are brief and non-intrusive. Greatly appreciated. Secondly, when I arrive for my appointment, the waiting time before I am seen varies from two minutes to zero minutes, with the vast majority being the latter. His nurse is outstanding---I have never had anyone draw blood for a lab test as effortlessly and painlessly . Dr. Shapiro records aspect of my medical history and documents every reaction/symptom from the medications I take daily. He modifies my prescription to the point where I am now symptom-free while still obtaining the desired effect. I also greatly appreciate his continuing advice on a diet and exercise regiment. As a result, my health is now excellent.
I highly recommend Dr. Shapiro to anyone seeking a highly qualified Concierge Physician.