Dr. Fannin was recommended to me by my neurologist.

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| March, 8 2018 | for Tuyet Fannin, DO
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Dr. Fannin was recommended to me by my neurologist. My gp had retired after managing my, and my husbands, care for many years. She cares to understand my familys situation and trust and believe in what Im reporting. I trust her intelligence to do so. She goes above and beyond to make the budget we have to come up with worth the investment. Her instincts are quite accurate and her combination of less medication but not forcing a patient to do without medication that is reasonably needed is a great part of compassionate care. Ive been working with physicians for my children for 36 years and for my own care for even longer. I know their health needs, my own, and even my husbands as I know anythingthey have been my world. Its so wonderful to be listened to, to be believed, and to have me and my family cared for so capably. She is well-respected by her peers as well.