Dr. Frank Rose, keep safe and well, we all rely on you to keep us going!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Frank J. Rose, MD

Some 20 years ago, my husband and I were looking for a Doctor. We were referred to Dr. Frank Rose, Dana Point California. He became our family doctor. Dr. Rose was so in demand that frequently we and others were in his waiting room for hours. Some complained. I told them to sit down, be quiet, read a book. I relayed that it may take awhile to get to him, but he gave EVERY patient the time they needed when they saw him. His devotion to medicine and his patients is legendary. He would call us with test results sometimes at 11 at night, still working to serve us. We were thrilled when he joined MDVIP. Every year we get a two day complete physical, blood work from The Cleveland Clinic. He practices preventative medicine. Suffice it to say, when he is called or sees us, we have comfort he is taking action . He listens. He is conservative- doesn't jump immediately to pharmaceuticals. Dr. Rose supports acupuncture for allergies, prescribes natural remedies often (and they work). And ALWAYS RESPONDS TO OUR NEEDS. Those who are fortunate to see DR. Rose are blessed indeed!. Board Certified Internist and former Cardiologist--this man is phenomenal!!!