Dr. Gerald Kovar

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| March, 16 2024 | for Gerald M. Kovar, MD

Dr. Kovar has been there for our family for many years and many critical times and it's difficult to name just one that mattered most. He has always provided excellent care and so these are just a few examples. He saved my mother's life when Lyme Disease was fairly new and unknown in California and other doctors dismissed her symptoms; he visited my father at a rehab facility for the two months he was there and was a great comfort to him and me and even did a home visit when he was close to dying and unable to go into the office; he has been there for my husband during countless ailments and surgeries; and he's been a lifesaver for me during difficult tines dealing with anxiety and depression as well as other times. With Dr. Kovar we always feel listened to and well cared for and that he'd never recommend anything for us that he wouldn't recommend to his own family. It really is impossible to put into words our appreciation and admiration for Dr. Kovar.