Dr. Hamaker probably saved my life

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| January, 30 2024 | for Allen J. Hamaker, MD
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I had left Dr. Hamaker's care due to the cost of MDVIP services a few years back and started seeing another provider. But a couple of years later, when I went to give blood and my blood pressure registered at 195/110, I knew my Type2 Diabetes was out of control. I didn't realize what bad shape I was in until I went back to Dr. Hamaker & my A1C was over 13! Slowly but surely, with his care and proper medication and diet, I have lost 40 pounds and lowered my A1C below 6. I'm at my lowest weight in 40 years, have more energy than ever, and am confident I may have had tragic results if I had not returned to Dr. Hamaker's care. He and his staff are the best and I know now that the cost for MDVIP has demonstrated its worth.