Dr. Hamid Rasti - My Story

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| February, 13 2024 | for Hamid Keshvari-Rasti, MD

The first thing I remember about Dr. Rasti was when he replaced our previous MDVIP doctor and I was a bit reluctant, simply because I’m not real good at change. Little by little we got to know each other and I began to feel more comfortable with him. I learned he had a sense of humor, I learned he was a family man, I learned he was extremely thorough, dressed very dapper but mostly that he had a warm heart. During one of our appointments, I told him a tragic story that happened to one of my two sons. I can’t tell you what it feels like to lose a child but I think anyone who reads this will understand……or try not thinking the unthinkable would ever happen to them. You do not ever get over the loss. After a few days I received one of the most poignant, heart rending and emotional letter I’ve ever received. And I cried while reading it. I could tell that a lot of thought and compassion went into that letter and must have took quite a long time to write as it was well scripted and in-depth. Not just a few lines saying how sorry he was, but one of those letters you save forever and read often. It was then that I accepted Dr. Rasti unconditionally as my new and trusted doctor, understanding that not many doctors, let alone people and/or friends take the time for such a task. Since then, my husband has joined MDVIP and several close friends as well…….and we all feel the same about our Dr. Rasti. That is my story and in closing, I feel blessed to have someone like him looking out for me.