Dr. Hedrick is my hero.

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| March, 25 2017 | for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

Dr. Hedrick is my hero! What he has done for me and my family for years, has caused us to never want to see anyone else. He is knowledgeable to a degree that surpasses other doctor's knowledge, caring, patient, always explains things and even draws pictures to help us understand, gives patients his time and never rushes, takes calls and texts before and after office hours, and he hired an amazing, caring, and positive staff.

He discovered a thyroid tumor in me when I went in for a sinus infection; recently he helped me with a terrible infection in my finger and stayed in contact with me on a weekend, because the specialist wouldnt come in on a holiday weekend, he had me send pictures so he could make sure it wasn't getting worse; he also got me off of a medication that was very bad for me that a surgeon wanted me to stay on saying my body just had to get used to it.

I could give many more positive stories, but my main point is anyone who doesn't have Dr. Hedrick should if they want the best.

MDVIP gives him the freedom and ability to find out things by using tests that other doctor's can't.