Dr Heron Above and Beyond

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| March, 12 2020 | for James C. Heron, MD

My wife and I along with family members have been part of Dr. Heron's practice for several years and have found him to be a consummate medical professional. To illustrate a central tenant of that practice, his attention to detail and personal followup, let me share a recent instance.

Recently felt unusual abdominal pain and on way to ER advised Dr. Heron. After ER triage it was thought I may have a case of diverticulitis; subsequent Cat Scan confirmed that plus a perforated colon and I was prepped for immediate surgery. While in ER Dr. Heron arrived, having already reviewed my tests and consulted with the ER physician, he went over all options with my wife and I including that he had already made call to a surgeon who was in route to perform my procedure.

Having spent the next week in hospital, I was reassured each morning when Dr. Heron would be by my bedside going over my progress and relieving my anxiety as well as briefing my wife as to what was to come.

To say this was a life threatening as well as an altering experience is an understatement. That having been said, it was made bearable by Dr. Heron's caring manner, providing whatever time is necessary so that your fully informed, and all options moving forward are fully explained.

Dr. Heron epitomizes the Above and Beyond spirit, that rare personal touch combined with medical competence which is lacking in manner physicians.