Dr. House's Office is Like A Home

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| January, 21 2024 | for William C. House, MD

I've been a fan of Dr. William House of Winter Park, FL, for more years than I can count. My appreciation for him began the very first visit when he greeted me with a joke. This eased my anxiety about meeting a new physician, and also put me 'at ease' regarding my list of issues to report. Yay! He wasn't going to rush me out the door. But my respect for him and trust in him grew when he was examining my husband whose numbers were 'good.' He reported that he heard a little something in the chest area that he hadn't heard before and suggested a visit to a cardiologist. Many tests later, my husband was found to need four bypasses, including a 'widowmaker.' He was admitted to the hospital immediately. Thanks to Dr. House, my husband had many more years to enjoy his family...and life.