Dr. Hummel has been such a good MD for treating me.

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| December, 11 2017 | for Matthew Hummel, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Matthew Hummel's since I moved to Arizona from Florida in 2011, soon after my husband passed away. My medical history is long, since I am going on 90 years of age. I have had 20 major and minor surgeries in my lifetime, and problems with allergies, arthritis, sinus problems, hernias, prolapses, cancer, peripheral neuropathy, chronic anemia, frequent UTI's, plus the normal illnesses. My surgeries included 3 joint replacements and 5 prolapse reconstructive procedures. Dr. Hummel has been such a good MD for treating me and referring me to good specialists, so when he joined the MD/VIP plan I knew I wanted to stay with him. My only hesitation was cost, but I decided that the peace of mind and good healthcare I have with Dr. Hummel were a high priority for me at my age. I can tell you that my personal relationship with my doctor is even better now, knowing that my needs will be taken care of promptly. I have recently had the most thorough wellness exam that I have ever had in 89 years; in the time spent with my doctor, face to face for this exam, he went over every ailment, every medication, every part of my body. We discussed everything, and I can tell you I am feeling that my healthcare is A-1. I am very happy to be able to participate in the MD/VIP plan!