Dr. Jacobs goes the extra mile for his patients

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| March, 12 2020 | for James W. Jacobs, MD

I have asthma that occasionally flares to serious levels when I catch a cold or flu. Several years ago, I had such an experience, and as often happens I got worse on a Friday after hours. Dr. Jacobs was readying to travel overseas, to adopt a child that weekend. In spite of his own stresses of international travel, he made sure (on saturday) that I was able to obtain a home nebulizer, and went out of his way to even call around to find such a unit for me. Over the years, he has demonstrated excellent doctoring, great encouragements for healthy lifestyle, exercise and eating (even scheduling saturday hikes), and compassionate care. I am quite sure I would not be in the good health I am if not for his proactive care and advice. Best doctor ever.