Dr Janz Is The Best Doctor I Have Ever Had

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| March, 29 2024 | for Timothy A. Janz, MD
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I am a 71 year old female and my husband of 45 years joined Dr Janz MDVIP Program, I think, in 2014 when living in Punta Gorda. He has been a preventative doctor, spends an hour with each of us for our well visit each year. He reviews our bloodwork, discusses concerns, issues, etc. when a specialist has been needed he has steered us to the best. When I have an issue on weekends or off hours, he always answers his cell phone. Another thing about his office… his employees are awesome, professional and are the same ones I deal with. Jennifer, his nurse, always is there for us and we love her! We are all like family. Not a scary thing going there. We were approached by an insurance agent trying to sell us Medicare Advantage plan. We said, no thank you! We understand it is a nightmare when trying to get a specialist! In summary, we love Dr Janz and think the MDVIP fees are so worth it to have this wonderful doctor as our primary doctor❤️❤️❤️