Dr. Jay Meyerowitz

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Maurice & Nehama
| March, 26 2020 | for Jay S. Meyerowitz, MD

We first met with Dr. Meyerowitz in late 2018, we drove to his office in Teaneck for an initial consultation prior to our joining MDVIP. We had great experiences with “concierge” doctors, having been with the same doctor for about 25 years, until his retirement in 2018. While looking for a new “concierge” doctor we read about MDVIP, liked the idea and started looking for a local doctor, a MDVIP member, we could sign up with. The initial consultation with Dr. Meyerowitz went really well and turned out to be a mutual interview. Following the consultation session, we signed up with MDVIP and Dr. Meyerowitz. It was one of our better decisions as it relates to medical issues. So, my wife and I became Dr. Meyerowitz patients on January 1st, 2019. Dr. Meyerowitz has exceeded all of our expectations, he is a patient, experienced and most understanding physician. Most recently I needed to be hospitalized due to a very low heart rate. It was a Saturday evening, Dr. Meyerowitz told us to drive to the hospital, give the office my name on arrival and they would know how to proceed. Indeed, on our arrival the service at the hospital could not have been better. Dr. Meyerowitz kept in touch with us, came to see me, arranged for me to have a pacemaker implanted, visited a few after the procedure and within 2 days, no hassles and perfect service, I was back home. Thank you Dr. Meyerowitz for your and your staff’s attention to every little detail and to our every request.