Dr. Jim is the best!!!!!

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| March, 10 2024 | for James J. Iacobucci, MD

I've been a patient of Jim's for about 25 years and have actually enjoyed going to the Dr. Most dread it but he is so personable and kind when he has not so good news he tells you in a way that puts you at ease. He focuses on the positive and how to move forward to better your overall health. Your emotional and mental health are important to to him and it shows in his care he provides. I have had some situations that were surprising to me over the years and he gas always been supportive and gave me great guidance to overcome or treat a condition. I am an overweight patient and he has been supportive of my trying to loose weight throughout the years. More recently I found out I had type 2 diabetes. He has suggested that I watch my diet prescribed medication and now I've dropped some of my extra weight. By doing this with his guidance I've reduced the amount of diabetes medication i need to take daily. My bloodwork is probably the best it's ever been. I owe much of this to him. He has seen me gain and loose weight over the years but he is never negative if I put a couple pounds on. He will go over my weight history and ask how things are going. He does not attack my minor gain but let's me know that I need to be diligent about what and how much I eat. He always asks about my personal life to get a complete picture. I stress eat. We both know it so he will want to know what's going on to understand why I put some Wright on. On the other hand when I loose weight he congratulates me and says to keep up the good work. He is just the most positive person I know. I was sorry to hear he was closing his practice but glad to hear he is in private practice now. He can continue to give the great support to his patients thar he was struggling to do prior. He would always give you the time you needed regardless. To me that us the mark of a Great Dr. He loves his job and it shows everytime I go to his office. This new change I know is for the better. For him, his patients and his personal life as we all know the hours he was putting in to meet his requirements set by his employer. Now he can be even better if that is even possible. He is a one in a million Dr who really truly cares fir his patients. I am so glad that I found him all those years ago and look forward to our growing relationship in the future.