Dr John Wise

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Lynne Ann H
| March, 11 2024 | for John M. Wise, MD

I met Dr. Wise at a very difficult time in my life.
My husband went to the emergency room at the hospital and after his examination, was admitted to the intensive care unit. Dr. Wise was very attentive, explained what was happening, called in specialists, and talked with me each day. Unfortunately, my husband, after 2 week of care, passed from multiple organ failure.
At that time he was in practice with another doctor but eventually went on to become independent. Not only myself but my sons also stayed with him as our primary care physician. I was 58 yrs old at that time and am now 82 but Dr. Wise has always given me undivided attention on my visits.
I hope I can stay with MDVIP because of Dr. Wise.