Dr. John Woodward is simply the best

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| March, 13 2024 | for John W. Woodward II, MD, MS

I don't have any one particular story about Dr. Woodward. Every encounter with him has been above and beyond anything I have ever experienced with any other PCP I have ever had. If one thing stood out where I was certain that this was a special doctor, it was when Dr. Woodward gave me his personal cell phone number. I was shocked. No other doctor I have ever had did that. I knew then that Dr. Woodward was a special doctor that sincerely cares about his patient's well-being ALL the time. Not just when you're in his office. And, when you are in his office he takes all the time that you need to ask questions. He really listens to what you have to say and I have never, ever felt rushed during my appointments. Dr. Woodward also keeps up with the latest in medical news and treatments. I trust Dr. Woodward completely and I look forward to a long relationship with him!