Dr. Kenneth Killen: The best "Healer" this side of eternity****+ + + + +

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| March, 11 2020 | for Kenneth C. Killen, MD

My family and I traded-in an older doctor for a young Dr. Killen in February 1975. When you are satisfied with the
service, only a fool will change.
Dr. Kenneth Killen patient services
From 1975 to 1985
------ made house calls to low income So. Oak Cliff/ so. Dallas area when patient could not get to his office.
------ was available to patients almost 24/7
------ for late teens/early 20s family explained medical terms & info for terminally ill family members.
------ bought a wig for mother, a chemo patient, and attended funerals for other family members/patients.
------- helped when health insurance was uncooperative, unfair, and denied legitimate claims.
From 1975 to2020
------ provided medical, mental, and emotional support and encouragement.
------ provided office appointments within a reasonable time frame.
------ made hospital visits
------ helps when his patient is having emotional problems with family, employers, other professionals.
------- sends creative, hand-written birthday cards that cheer you up like a strong dose of medicine
------- returns calls and will sometimes talk when you call during the day.