Dr. Kevin Henzel treats us more like family, not just a patient!

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| March, 2 2024 | for Kevin P. Henzel, MD

My husband and I have been patients with Dr. Kevin Henzel for almost 19 years. We are both in our mid forties. I'm one of those people that always look for more natural ways to help take care of my health and body. Dr. Henzel always listens to me when I have questions or concerns. He is very intelligent, patient, and goes into great detail to answer any and all my medical questions.
One memory I do have specifically. Dr. Henzel and I were discussing my anxiety issues, during my MDVIP tests results appointment last year. He asked me if there was something in my life that is causing me to feel so anxious. At that time, my husband and I had been going through a difficult time with one of our family members, which I had mentioned to Dr. Henzel. Not only did Dr. Henzel discuss my health that day as we went over all my MDVIP tests results, he also listened and showed compassion about our family situation and talked about with me.
Thank you, Dr Henzel for treating us like family and not just patients. Thank you for always listening to all my medical questions, for suggesting ways to live a healthier life. Also for caring, addressing, and talking about mental health. We appreciate you and the over the top care that you give!