Dr. Kevin M. Holthaus, MD

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| March, 10 2020 | for Kevin M. Holthaus, MD

All aces in my book,

I first came to the MDVIP program seeking immediate attention for something that was at the time attacking my stomach and esophagus.

However I was under the impression that I was showing early signs of cancer possibly heart issues with minor symptoms of GERDS.

Google is not a medical device !!
Don’t use it as such or in place of a real dr it will only make things worse and more stressful!!

Before I was accepted in the program with proper insurance and payment this good doctor was kind enough to speak with me on the phone a few times just to help me calm my nerves and explain what was probably going on and courses of action that we could take with some good advice that probably kept me from going to the hospital and having outrages hospital bills.

After entering the program Dr. Holthaus, was very patient with me, my questions, my telephone calls at night, also all of the text messages I sent him in the evening also throughout the day.
He reassured me that we would get this taken care of and then I was not dying. During visitation in person he was very thorough with his diagnostics as well as information pertaining to what I was going through and what out come I could have.
He did not sugarcoat anything and gave very honest and precise information.

After the diagnostic phase and starting the treatment and now I’m back to 100% again

We also talked about dieting common health concerns and other health information regarding my age and sex.

All around five star experience.

I would highly advise using the MDVIP program if you are able to afford it in your budget.

The fact that the doctors have more time to speak with you are able to talk to you whenever you are not in session really gives great peace of mind and comfort not to mention MDVIP only hires of the most highly rated doctors for their services.