Dr. Kevin Weikart & Staff are a blessing to my self and my family!!!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Kevin D. Weikart, MD, FACP

As many people are dependent and attached to their doctor, my case is no different. Dr, Weikart is a blessing for myself as well as my mother and father, who he has treated for over 30 years. I also want to mention that not only has Dr. Weikart taken care of us medically, but has always cared about us emotionally as well. He cares about how our lives are going. He asks about situations to see how we are coping. He remembers the little things that for patients are very important, where other doctors would have never thought to ask. He cares about how patients are doing in their daily lives, knowing that it has a direct relationship on their physical well-being. I also want to mention Dr, Weikarts staff, Tammy and Taffany. They are a representation of Dr. Weikart and carry the weight with compassion and care. His office would not be the same without them. Our family's well-being is better because of them. I want to make sure that Dr. Weikart knows how loved and respected he is, and that our family is forever grateful for him.