Dr Kim: Please stay as caring and helpful as you are!

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| March, 29 2020 | for S. Steven Kim, MD

I interviewed Dr. Kim and told him about my titrating program with a non-profit organization who specializes in withdrawal programs from benzos. My former PCP who put me in this condition was not available and her PA was not listening to my problem. Dr. Kim helped me go thru the entire withdrawal program by talking to a compounding pharmacy to fill the prescription as written. He helped me thru for 7 months and I am now totally weaned off the horrible drug that my ex PCP prescribed to me. Thank you Dr. Kim. When I was hospitalized in August 2018, Dr. Kim came and visited me. He was always there to help me adjust my meds. He would even talked to my cardiologists to let them know about the side effects I was experiencing with the new meds prescribed by them. Dr. Kim has been responsive to my medical needs and I am glad I found him. I always look forward to seeing him and his staff. Dr. Kim is interactive with me and he listens. I am glad to have him as my PCP.