Dr. Kimberly Smith, a Godsend

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| March, 23 2024 | for Kimberly Smith, MD

It was pure Divine intervention when Dr. Smith popped up on my screen. I was "shopping" for a doctor that could diagnose what had been happening to me for decades. I am not exaggerating. I had been to so many doctors who never took me seriously. As I am now in my 70s, I was treated like a senile old person. My introductory visit with Dr. Smith put me on cloud nine. After listening for over an hour about my attempts to find adequate medical care (after returning to Louisiana from California in 1985), listening to all of my symptoms, and asking a few questions, she told me that she would order tests to confirm that I had Sjogrens. I do have Sjogrens. Her treatment has enabled me to have a better quality of life. It's been a long road, and I still have far to go. One can't undo decades of medical neglect immediately. There is no short cut. I am grateful for Dr. Smith for helping me stay on the road to recovery when that road is bumpy. Dr. Smith is empathetic and compassionate. She treats the whole person not just the symptoms. I am grateful and thank the Lord for guiding me to her. Thank you Dr. Smith. I love you like a biscuit.