Dr. Lampinen “The Best of the Best”

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| March, 30 2020 | for Steven D. Lampinen, MD

Wow, 21 years and he’s still the top and the best, that’s how long he’s been my doctor. He’s helped and treated many members of our family. He diagnosed conditions when other health professionals couldn’t correctly diagnose, or begin to figure out what the problem was. I feel that he genuinely cares about me as a patient and is very thorough with his follow up. Case in point, one time I went to UCLA Medical Center and took my medical records from Dr. Lampinen and a neurosurgeon to a specialist and the doctor was extremely impressed with Dr.Lampinens expertise and management of my treatment. His exact words were “ you have the best family doctor I believe, as he really knows what he’s doing and just let him continue to be the captain of your ship regarding your health “. At a time like this when health care professionals are on the front lines and putting their safety at risk, I’m so grateful for Dr. Lampinen and pray for his safety. I have kept this brief as I could go on and on as he has literally saved my life and so many more medical issues. I’m so grateful for him, and he has a wonderful staff.