Dr. Lee Freedman always checks out the whole person.

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| March, 12 2024 | for Lee S. Freedman, MD

This is Leola Perkins, writing for my husband Ken Perkins. Eleven years ago we went to see Dr. Freedman because Ken's big toe was hurting and swollen. Dr. looked at it and thought maybe it was gout. But he then said " I want you to go directly to the emergency room from here. I will call them and tell them you are coming." We did as Doctor directed and the ER people were waiting for us. Ken's heart was in very bad shape. They did an echocardiogram and determined Ken needed a quadruple bypass. The heart surgeon was called in and the procedure was performed the next day at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Ken was in the hospital 5 days after the bypas and we were told we could go home. It was a cause for JOY because it was our 50th wedding anniversary. Six weeks later our family enjoyed a week in a villa in Tuscany to celebrate our anniversary and the successful surgery. Thank you Dr. Freedman for recognizing the problem. You are the BEST.