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Leigh Ann
| February, 29 2024 | for Lisa C. Fishman, MD
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Dr. Lisa Fishman, as well as her staff has always been attentive and caring. Urgent care and procedures are always timely if needed, and when I was too busy working, they never stopped reminding me to come in and have my wellness exam. I had been a patient of her's before she joined MDVIP and I remember going to one of the seminars she had to explain her reasons for leaving her old practice. I liked that she said she would be able to go from seeing 2,000 patients to 500, and able to spend more time with us, and have more time for research. Despite the cost of the program, I did not want to give Dr. Fishman up. Dr.F. got me through a bad case of Covid 2 times, the first being at the onset in March of 2020. I might not have recovered fully if not for her diligent check ins, care and follow up tests. I also appreciated her Zoom seminars during those initial Covid-19 months when we all had so many unanswered questions about this the virus and what the long term affects could be. Dr. F. is also up to date with current medical practices and care. And she has referred me to other excellent Drs. when needed for specialized issues. (A torn ACL for ex.). I could write a book on her compassion and her office staff is friendly and always helpful. I mean this sincerely.