Dr. MacKay and His Staff Rock!

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| March, 12 2020 | for John T. MacKay, MD

Dr. MacKay has been my personal care physician (PCP) since he purchased the practice from my previous (PCP). I was a little skeptical about him at first because my PCP was so stellar, but he and his staff have been more than fabulous from the start.

All of them make me feel that the only reason they came to the office that day was to see me. They always have a smile and are extremely upbeat. The office is clean and bright with a great selection of periodicals. However, once I've signed in there's barely enough time to sit down and choose one before I'm called back. Once the nurse records my weight (grrr ;)) I'm escorted into an examining room. It's quiet and the color scheme is relaxing. My wait time to see him is no longer than 10-15 minutes and he has some interesting periodicals to read whilst I've waited ("Birds and Blooms" is really neat!). When he comes in he greets me with a genuine smile, not something that's practiced (one can usually tell the difference).

Dr. MacKay is extremely personable and is an engaged listener. When I speak with him he's able to filter out the "static". He knows a "sequence" of questions to try and tease out what the problem is and how best to address it. My background is in public health so I can provide him information that is (sometimes) helpful and can eliminate an unhelpful diagnosis. (As an aside: when you see your PCP, be as detailed as possible - when the symptoms started, what exactly they are, if you've had a possible exposure, etc.) He's never impatient and no question is too dumb (I've asked many of those!).

He carries around a tablet computer and enters my information as I relate it. If the diagnosis is straightforward (sore throat, runny nose, fever - very much likely a cold) he'll address it right away. If symptoms may be a little trickier he'll do some research and come up with a choice of answers and what steps should be taken to eliminate the less likely ones.

The tablet also has reminders on age-appropriate vaccinations (e.g., shingles) and if I need something he'll have it either right away or within a couple of days). I've asked him about the positives and negatives related to a vaccination, and he'll pull up the info and write them down on a piece of paper for me to consider. His writing is *incredibly" legible.

Several years ago I had an appointment that happened to fall on my birthday. When the staff asked for it (as a matter of course) I I just gave the date. I didn't say that it was my birthday or anything. Just after I was finished with him his staff brought in a cupcake with a lighted candle and sang "Happy Birthday"! How often does that happen with your PCP?

It's so much nicer now that he's joined MDVIP. I don't have to wait weeks to get an appointment. When i call his voice mail and have a non-911 emergency he'll reach out to me quickly, even if it's at the end of the day. Otherwise his staff promptly returns my call and gets me in either the same day or the next (depending on the time of day the call is received). Another aside: when you call, include a detailed list of symptoms so that he can get right on it.

He's NOT a pill-pusher. His first choice is to use an over the counter med or ice and heat. Something inexpensive, easily obtained, and readily available.

His practice is limited to 600 patients. If you're looking for a PCP in Tallahassee, Florida, he and his staff are right at the top! You won't be sorry.