Dr. Margaret Simans

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| March, 12 2024 | for Margaret Siman, MD

I had went to this clinic when I first moved to Virginia. They really didn’t seem to care too much about my issues. The changeover that happened, I was really pleased with. A brand new staff and a family that invited me into their practice. She has always taken time for me no matter the situation. She sat me down and was generally concerned about me. Time never seem to be issue. I really love the fact that she was concerned of me and whatever issues are feeling I was having. To this day, she’s always giving me that loving care and concern for me. After my test, blood or what have you. She always wants to sit down with me and ask how I feel. that to me is very important. She is very concerned of how I feel and how she can help. In 1 million years I would’ve never thought my doctor would have given me that love and attention. I realize, that once a year physical, means life and death for some. I love the fact that they tried to find any issues that may be underlining. It’s so much better to catch it early, then to find out once you get your symptoms. The purpose Of her clinic is to do just that. You would never know that there were issues if you weren’t ever tested. Brilliant! If I had never came into our office, I would have never known I had diabetes. Thank you Dr. Simans for always looking and taking care of my issues that I never even knew I had. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs a doctor that really cares about you❤️She’s number one in my book. Highly recommend her