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| April, 7 2024 | for Mark C. Handelman, MD

Sixteen years ago, my husband, Martin Gold, was in the ICU unit of Mt View Hospital, Las Vegas. He had been admitted a week before suffering with extreme pain from 3 different cancers. Dr Mark Handelman had prescribed morphine and the oncologist actually performed chemotherapy. Unfortunately, his heart was giving out, but his Last Will stipulated DNR. Dr Handelman was enjoying a Sunday with his young daughter at the Springs Preserve. When receiving the call about Martin, he immediately came to the ICU unit with his daughter. Sadly, Martin passed away that night. Expecting the worse, our entire family had come to Las Vegas and had met Dr Handelman; everyone was so pleased with his treatment of their Dad. Dr Handelman visited the family after the funeral and said a special prayer for Martin. I have been his patient since then, still impressed by his care and concern.