Dr. Mark Pinsky - not just a doctor...

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| January, 20 2024 | for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

How do I start this? Just saying words doesn't seem to convey the respect and love I feel for this doctor! But words are all I have so here goes.
Dr. Pinsky is always there for you! (Other than vacations..LOL...he is human!)
*Texting him (oh my!) with a problem is always responded to very quickly. He WANTS to know how you are - and sends you to the
correct doctors, if required, to find out.
*He's my own cheering section in regard to losing weight. He encourages all to be their very best healthy selves.
*When you need to talk--he listens. Ask his advice - You'll get his best answers or he'll find out.
*His dedication to his patient's health spans 30+ years and his successes are there for all to read about.
*His warmth and that great smile make every visit special!
I always recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor.