Dr. Mark Timmerman

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| September, 2 2022 | for Mark L. Timmerman, MD, FAAFP

Yesterday was an absolute first for me. Never in my entire adult life have I had a doctor spend 3 HOURS with me! It was my "meet the doctor" appointment and the amount of ground covered was amazing. It was clear that Dr. Timmerman focused solely on me, my medical issues and obtaining a complete history, not only for my medical issues, but that of my family members. Obviously Dr. Timmerman spent time explaining the wellness program as well as how MDVIP works and the additional benefits offered but the majority of the conversation was all about ME.

This was probably one of the smartest choices I've made about my health. I was so tired of "managed" care and 5 to 7 minute doctor visits where I didn't understand half of what was said and tests results were never really explained.

I look forward to this new relationship, feeling better, being better, and having a trusted physician on my side and not under the thumb of management!